“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”
~ John Wooden

The intention, at the beginning of any task, is to finish, but in some instances one may not know where to start, they may get lost in the middle or simply run out of time and end up with an unfinished project. 

Well-executed print and media products are the result of a strong partnership between creative thinking and a thorough exploration of possibilities; because you deserve superior customer service and want to work with a skilled visionary that will go above and beyond to help you communicate the excellence of your products and/or services, choose Earolyn Creative Services for your Presentation Design, Photography, Creative and Administrative Tasks Management needs.

Earolyn Creative Services is ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, consultants and independents seeking professional support with their print and digital media projects.

It is independently owned and operated by Teague Courtney Grace, a tech savvy, analytical, creative thinker that conceptualizes, constructs and completes projects with artistry, innovative methodologies, ingenuity, proficiency, perseverance, and limitless imagination.

Step 1

An introductory consultation is scheduled to, confidentially, discuss the details of your project(s); after which, a determination is made as to whether we should or should not move on to the next step(s).

Step 2

After the consultation, you will receive a quote for the project. There may be further discussion about the terms and conditions of the job; if you accept the proposal we will move on to Step 3.

Step 3

Both parties sign an online digital contract to begin the project.

Step 4

Through thorough communication, an understanding of your concept is developed. Your Creative Consultant serves as an engaged thought leader, strategically working with you to develop a plan of action, providing a comprehensive workflow process for the easy exchange of project information and drafts. Contact will be made over the phone and via digital communication methods including: email, cloud computing (ex: Google Drive, SkyDrive), online chats and instant messaging.

Step 5

Project wrap-up and invoicing; while in process, project drafts are sent electronically as image (.jpeg) files and are digitally impressed with the Earolyn logo. Once invoicing is processed, an impression-free, final product is released to the client, in-turn, completing the project.

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About the Earolyn name

Earolyn Creative Services provides the development, design and production of print and digital media projects. 

Presentation Design, Photography, Creative and Administrative Tasks Management techniques are used to mold concepts and ideas into superior, eye-catching multimedia productions. 

The innovative methodologies are interchangeable and applicable to a diverse range of tasks; they adapt to the needs of the client, from professionals seeking resourceful and innovative ways to powerfully promote and market their businesses, to individuals seeking creative support in endeavors of self-expression and stylish presentations.

Earolyn Creative Services is a power house of production; it was built on a positive foundation, solidified with determination, talent and drive.